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First American Mortgage Solutions partners with experienced, professional valuation experts. Together, we continue to meet the demands for quality collateral valuations, nationally.

We would like you to join our network of market professionals in providing knowledgeable, consultative valuation services to a wide array of end users. At First American Mortgage Solutions, we value the partnerships we have established with our service providers and understand your services are intrinsic to understanding changing market dynamics. As appraisers and valuation specialists, we understand the importance of the scope of work performed and its impact on the lending process. Our experienced and dedicated staff is ready to support you, our auto-pay systems are in place to promptly compensate you, and we have order management processes that will help you.

We look forward to our future, together!

Why should you become a Valuation partner?


"You should know your staff that updates the appraisal orders each day is a pleasure to work with. They are professional, courteous and prompt, both on the phone, and when we dialogue in email form. Keep up the good work."
-- Steve Davis Realty Resource Appraisals
Albany NY

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